Coming back for upper classes

After twelve months of interruption from the school physical environment, coming back for upper classes is an entirely new and different experience. New set up or the New Norm as it is now known, the new ways of doing things. All this has been necessitated by the novel Covid 19 global pandemic. Thanks to God we are able to adapt.

Juniors Drama Club

Juniors Drama Club is a first of its kind kids musical tv series. A heartwarming series that takes us through the lives of six young pupils; Queen(Princess Tyra Abok) , Ben, Darlington, Ivan(Ezekiel Mutesasira) , Skylar( Tendo Kathleen Mbaziira), Martha and little Patrick as they join the drama club that transforms their lives.
They learn to express themselves in all forms of artistic expression.

A fun feel good show for the whole family that explores the ups and downs
of being a primary school child in Uganda today. As well embracing wholesome family values as each of our team struggles to make it to the finals of the regional inter school MDD (Music, Dance and Drama ) competitions.

JDC premieres on 28th February 2021 on its YouTube channel.
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Giving Day

On Thursday K.2 was geared up and ready to give to Sanyu babies. Thank you dear parents for the kindness you showed. This was really fantastic, It taught our children to respect humanity and to give. love this culture

Third Term 2018

Dear parents/Guardians, we welcome you to the Marcelino Hill for a short but busy term. We want to pray to the loving God to kept us all throughout this Busy term.
We wish to remind you that our end of third term date will be published.We request you to avail your child with all the school requirements .And to make sure you pay the fees in the bank but not at school.(DFCU) any branch.
We are gladly waiting to serve you all.We pray for mercy journeys as you bring back our children.Thank you once again. Remember we always say,Labour and Honour.

Our families, staff and friends

We hope that all of our Marcelino families, staff and friends have had a wonderful four weeks holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back in school at 8am on Sunday the 25th of September 2016 for another term of great learning, great teaching and great fun. Please invest in your child by availing us the opportunity to nurture and groom him/her at the roots. The dividends will certainly give you a big smile at the end of the day. And the country as a whole shall benefit immensely from the human resource established.

Holiday package

SMAM, just a home away from home. Dear parents, as your bringing back our children,from home we kindly request you to make sure that they have finished all their holiday package and please bring it for marking such that they do the corrections with our help. Thank you for your cooperation.