Juniors Drama Club

13 May 2021 Posts

Juniors Drama Club is a first of its kind kids musical tv series. A heartwarming series that takes us through the lives of six young pupils; Queen(Princess Tyra Abok) , Ben, Darlington, Ivan(Ezekiel Mutesasira) , Skylar( Tendo Kathleen Mbaziira), Martha and little Patrick as they join the drama club that transforms their lives.
They learn to express themselves in all forms of artistic expression.

A fun feel good show for the whole family that explores the ups and downs
of being a primary school child in Uganda today. As well embracing wholesome family values as each of our team struggles to make it to the finals of the regional inter school MDD (Music, Dance and Drama ) competitions.

JDC premieres on 28th February 2021 on its YouTube channel.
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