Welcome To St-Marcelino Academy

St Marcelino Academy Matugga is a private mixed Nursery, primary Day, Boarding and Night care School. It is a school with the following elements; Gifted Teaching Staff, Small number in classrooms, safe and secure environment, Transport Services and Good health care.

Teaching is consistently good and teachers are always striving to improve. They plan lessons that excite the pupils and there is a strong focus on investigative approaches to learning in all lessons.

We Welcome Parents And Guardian into our classrooms to monitor their children’s learning Programs

Vision: To Provide Holistic Education To Children Of Diverse Back Grounds In A Safe And Rich Environment.

AIMS: Building Good Religious Morals In Our Children, Building Our Children’s Self-Esteem And Disciplined Children

Our Pupils' Life

We are committed to overall pupils’ development and growth in social, recreational, academic and leadership opportunities.


Fees Structure

The school recognizes the social economic status of the parents and offers education at reasonable and affordable fees.



We inform you that our interviews for new entrants from daycare to p6 are going on from Monday to Friday. Try us you will not regret.


High Quality Staff

We recruit and retain first-class teachers who can bring the best out of each and every child. Excellent teachers are an essential ingredient for an outstanding school.



Transport Services

Your children may be able to get transport to school using School Vans

Gifted Teaching Staff

Are available to support regular classroom teachers in this work

Small number in class rooms

Small class sizes lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher

Safe and secure environment

Pupils conduct their daily lives without fear of  large-scale violence

Good health care

We provide good health care and monitoring to our pupils and ensure that are in normal status

School Admission Available for 2023

Juniors Drama Club

We have a TV series that started showing on Thursday on Pear Magic Prime Gotv channel 305 and DSTV channel 148

Juniors Drama Club is a first-of-its-kind kids tv series created by Allan Manzi. A heartwarming series that takes us through the lives of six young pupils. Junior Drama Club A Project started to enhance, train and nature talent

Our Gallery