School Year 2020

We are pleased to welcome you to our  2020 school year! We hope  that you had quality time with your families over the holiday.

Fees Structure

The school recognizes the social economic status of the parents and offers education at reasonable and affordable fees.


We inform you that our interviews for new entrants from daycare to p6 are going on from Monday to Friday. Try us you will not regret.

Gifted Teaching Staff

Are are vailable to support regular classroom teachers in this work

Small number in class rooms

Small class sizes lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher

Safe and secure environment

Pupils conduct their daily lives without fear of  large-scale violence

Transport Services

Your children may be able to get transport to school using School Vans

Good health care

We provide good health care and monitoring to our pupils and ensure that are in normal status


St-Marcelino academy is a private mixed Nursery, primary Day, Boarding and Night care School. It is a school with the following elements; Gifted Teaching Staff, Small number in classrooms, safe and secure environment, Transport Services and Good health care

Get Involved: We Welcome Parents And Guardian into our classrooms to monitor their children’s learning Programs

Vision: To Provide Holistic Education To Children Of Diverse Back Grounds In A Safe And Rich Environment.


Building Good Religious Morals In Our Children, Building Our Children’s Self-Esteem And Disciplined Children.



Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Following the presidential address on the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking the following measures:
The school will be closed on Friday 20th March 2020 at 12 Noon, and resume on 21st April 2020. Work has been set by teachers for all students to do at home and work should be completed at home between 8:30am and 3:30pm each day. Our leaners will receive revision package for one week and the subsequent three-week package will be accessed through our E-Learning.


General School requirements 1 Dozen of toilet papers (PIAO, Euro silk) P.1 To P.7 Each Term, 1 Scrubbing brush (p.1, p.2 Boys)/1 squeezer(p.1, p.2 Girls) New Entrants, 1 vim (Boys-/1 jik (Girls-)

Our Final lesson

Final lesson was at the money museum where Claire was rewarded for answering some questions. The lesson became better with a chance to touch the dummies and also see the history of our coins.

Dedication & Confirmation

Our dear Candidates in their dedication service by Reverend Wasswa from Church of Uganda. St-Marcelino Academy admits all kind of children with different religious back grounds. All of them are catered for respectively

Our posts

Giving Day

On Thursday K.2 was geared up and ready to give to Sanyu babies. Thank you dear parents for the kindness you showed. This was really fantastic, It taught our children

Third Term 2018

Dear parents/Guardians, we welcome you to the Marcelino Hill for a short but busy term. We want to pray to the loving God to kept us all throughout this Busy

Our families, staff and friends

We hope that all of our Marcelino families, staff and friends have had a wonderful four weeks holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back in school at 8am

Holiday package

SMAM, just a home away from home. Dear parents, as your bringing back our children,from home we kindly request you to make sure that they have finished all their holiday